Neighborhood Yoga Breathing – via Zoom

Webinar date January 1, 1970 7:56 am
Password: 152718
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Hello Neighbors! My name is Sundar, Founder & Director of PranaScience Institute. You might have seen me walking around our neighborhood with our little puppy Simba! Well, I do other things too. One of them is - I teach Yoga Breathing exercises. That is my research and passion. On Thursday evenings I am starting this new session for our neighbors. Breathing exercises are a great mind-body tool for everyone in the family. They help us breathe better (obviously!), keep up with good health, improve immunity, and cleanse the clutters of the mind. BTW, I have given a TEDx talk on this subject too, please check it out here: In this 30 minutes sessions (every Thursday from 5.30 pm - 6 pm EST) we will practice some breathing exercises on Zoom. Your first session is FREE! You will pay to register and get a refund for the first session. You can choose as many sessions as you would like. I also teach kids yoga via Zoom. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Thank you! Stay well!