“Chanting IS Pranayama” is a collection of simple yet powerful chants. Use them as/during your Pranayama practice. Available on Amazon

“Kandar Anubhoothi” is a 15th century literature by Saint Arunagirinathar. This is a music album by Charleston Brothers (Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian & Dr. Yuva Sambandam). Listen here. Join us to sing (Text available in Tamil and English)! Fridays 7.35 pm – 8.35 pm EST. Regitser here

“Thirukkural” is a secular ancient Tamil literature, easy to chant, understand, memorize, and follow in life. Chanting the Thirukkural is a wonderful way to improve breathing, and memory power! Listen here. You can join FREE weekly chanting sessions 10 AM – 11 AM EST on Sundays (Text available in Tamil and English). Regitser here